The harder you work and faster you move, the less you feel.

I live, teach, and write in Chicago.  I work at the University of Chicago, where I got an MA in the "Humanities" (whatever that means) in 2010.  I studied Ordinary Life and the fiction of Deborah Eisenberg, but I'm also interested in trauma, new media, capital, hipsters, African-American fiction, Paris, public art, high-speed rail, air traffic control systems, Mars, love, affect theory, 9/11 literature, terrorism, activism, the French New Wave, urban environments, the West, the East, Miles Davis, Jennifer Egan, David Foster Wallace, chocolate, and everything else.

Last year, I wrote 500 words of fiction/creative nonfiction per day (with some cheating involved) for 100 days at Theoretically So.  I am currently working on pieces for My Footpath, Post45, The Millions, Zouch Magazine.  Important people assure me that my writing will be live there hopefully soon, one day.  I'll let you know when it's actually there (to prove I'm not bs'ing).  

I'm always in search of other outlets.

You can reach me any time at tasteofspoons@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter at @tastyspoonful.

Thanks for reading, and I'm always excited for comments!

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